Saturday, October 15, 2011


Below is the CaringBridge website that we are going to use to send out updates on Mom's condition. Thank you for following her and continuing to hold us up in prayer. This has been a long one but, a sweet one as well. We hope to share some of that with you.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Update on our Family

This is Randi. I'm writing to help Mom out and to pass on this information to all those who love and pray for our family. We could really use those prayers right now.
First, the Tuesday/Wednesday things at Mom's house are not going to be able to happen anymore. This saddens all of us, but, it is best for Mom, in her weakened state, to rest and stay in bed. That time was such a blessing to all of us that got to be a part of it. From what I hear from so many, it was just as much of a blessing to them as it was to Mom. So, thank you for being with her and with us.
Second, Dad has come down with pneumonia. He is not allowed any visitors at this time so, we ask that you cover him in prayer. It is very difficult for him to not be able to help with Mom the way he loves to do and always has. Please pray he recovers quickly.
Third, I am asking for you to cover Taylor and myself, as well as the rest of the family, in your prayers as we care for both Mom and Dad.

Please pass along the canceling of the Tuesday/Wednesday gatherings at Mom's to anyone you know that might be planning on going. Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh! How He loves me!

We just sang at our last praise assembly, "Oh, How He loves me, He loves me, He loves me!" I wonder how many of us know we're loved? I mean really loved? And, more than that, loved by the Creator of the Universe?
I'm not certain, but I think if we all KNEW & BELIEVED we were really loved, a lot of "stuff" we argue about between each other & churches just wouldn't matter so much. So, just for today, understand you're loved. Nothing in all the world can separarte you from God's love. Can you believe this? Nothing in all of creation can change God's love for you or make Him love you any less than what He loves you now! Wow!Know that the King of Kings & Lord of Lords knows your name & the number of hairs on your hear head! Just check to see if knowing this kind of love changes you & the way you treat the ones around you? Cover yourself in the peace this love instills; the comfort it provides & the confidence in living the abundant life it affordes.

"Could I with Ink the Oceans Fill"
Could I with ink the oceans fill...
Were the earth of parchment made...And, every blade of grass a quill
And every man a scribe by trade...
To write the love of God above
Would drain the oceans dry...
And the scroll could not contain the whole...
Though stretched from sky to sky!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Walk Openly, Again?

Several people have asked me recently if I would walk this journey so publicly again, if I had it to do over. That's a fair question, since I've been pretty much an "open book" these last 2 and a half years. The answer is, "yes, if the Lord called me again, to walk openly, I would." Truth is, if He asked me to walk quietly, then that's what I'd do.
Since the first day we knew something wasn't "right", God told me as clear as day to "sound the trumpets", to call in believers who would pray for us. People who believed in the mighty power of our Lord who has done way more than we can ever ask or imagine who wouldn't be detered by anything Satan may throw our way.
So, that's what we did & even though Mike & I may not have walked a perfect walk, we've had lovers of the Lord right by us & a faithful Father who has nevered waivered in His ability to heal or His never-ending love for us.
If you've known us, you know since day-one, Mike & I believe in God's miraculous ability to heal. If we didn't, we simply wouldn't pray for it! Every single morning, including this one, I ask the Lord if this is the day He's going to heal me from this cancer. Is this the day? Is this the day you speak it gone? Is this the day we get to announce it world-wide through prayer teams & warriors that the cancer is gone & You're the only reason it can be so? Every morning I'm not at all ashamed of this prayer. I'm not at all embarrassed that I believe God can heal by His spoken word!
We also worship with believers who never lose hope for this healing. Never lose hope of heaven. Never lose hope of salvation & living in a saved relationship with a perfect Lord!
So, yes, Mike & I would walk this again, covered in prayer, covered in belief, & covered in love. Seems like there's just no other way to do it!
(Note on physical status: continued loss of energy, body mass & strength. Continued renewal of strength, courage & hope.) I do stay on oxegyn all the time now to make me more comfortable in my breathing. I also do my very best to get the rest & sleep I need. I function better during the day when I've gotten this rest. I thank-you with all my heart for continued prayers & continued love. What would I do without that from you?

Friday, September 30, 2011

"Why?" Sounds like a good question.

1999 was the year my mother-in-law died & went to be with our Lord. She & my father-in-law suffered with long-term illnesses overlapping a 10 year period. She had lymphoma & died with such peace. Our extended family grieved & rejoiced at the same time because it was such a blessing she go be with the Lord instead of staying here with nothing more to offer her in this life.
On December 1, 1999 I wrote down some of my thoughts on all the "whys?" in my life & circumstances we'd faced as a family. I want share a partial list of these with you now, & encourage you to make a list that applies to your own life.
Isn't that a question we all ask God at various times in our lives? It occurred to me that I need to ask God"why" about some things I don't quite understand...
... was I born in a free country called America?
... was I raised in a godly home by godly parents?
... was I able to attend great schools wtih so many opportunites for learning?
... was I born with no physical handicaps?
... was born with great eyesight & hearing?
... was I able to walk & run everywhere I wanted as a child?
... have I gotten to hear the name of Jesus spoken my whole life?
... am I a middle-class Caucasion in a world where that is to my benefit?
... have I never gone hungry for even one day of my life?
... is anything I want of need so readilyavailable to me?
...was I born with a good mind?
... is it that I can freely assemble with others to worship You?
... has there always been a job opportunity for me?
... are You so patient with me.
... do You love me so?
... do I have so many ffriends & family to love me?
... do I have no worries of where I will sleep tonight?
... do I have a warm bed, lots of covers with central heat & air to comfort me?
... were my children born healthy?
... are both our girls so beautiful outwardly & inwardly?
... is the greatest medical technology available to me?
... am I provided a beautiful home with every possible convenience?
... is my closet full of clothes?
... can I choose between vehicles when I want to go somewhere?
... do I have so much that if it were cut in half, I wouldn't miss a thing?
... am I cherished so much by You that you'd send Jesus to die for a person like me?
... have You given me so much?

Lord, I ask you, "Why?" because it just doesn't seem fair, that You've given me so much, does it?
And the Lord said, "To whom much is given, much will be required.
- Sharon Washburn

If I were writing this same list today, it would be too long to imagine! So many friends have asked me if there's any anger towards God about giving me only 54 years. Of course, there's disappointment, but no anger at all as I don't deserve 54 years. The question would not be, "Why are You only giving me 54 years?" The correct question would be, "Why have You chosen to give me each day of 54 years that I don't deserve at all!" My life is a direct gift from you & I thank You."
I encourage you to make your own list that applies to your own life. Start asking God, "Why." Ask Him with thanksgiving instead of dread. Ask Him to reveal Himself on His goodness toward you. Asking God why He's so good keeps us on our knees of apprecieation toward Him. Start that list list tonight & keep it going because God keeps blessing, He keeps revealing & He continues to give & give & give!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Update 9-29-11

Staying overwhelmed by your love, prayers & support! Mike & I thank you for your love!
1) Hospice makes certain I don't live in pain, so that isw monitored closely. I live each day on meds that relieve pain & I can move & be on the go a bit. SO grateful!
2) Took a fall in our house on Sunday. In the blink of an eye, my feet tripped over something & down I went on our hard wood floors. I landed on my right hip & right ankle. Mike was right there & we checked the places that hit the hardest. Bruising but no break! I cried because I was so mad at myself for letting that happen & thankful to God for protecting me! I thanked Him & thanked Him!
3) My body is losing mass, so I'm a bit smaller but also retaining some fluids, so the diuretic meds are helping there, too. I still look good & can post a picture soon. I'm thankful He's taking care of me at every turn!
4) The visiting days set up are every Tuesday & Wednesday (except Weds, Oct 5th) are proving to be such a blessing! The hours are 10:00 - 2:00pm. Brown Bag your own lunch & come chit-chat. Come & go or come & stay. Help with chores or errands (no pressure on this). The main thing is that we see each other & connect with our bond in the Lord.
5) Mike, Taylor, Randi & family & friends all surrounding me are just sweetness to my soul!
Blessings to all!

Random Post - Widow Friends I Love

Years ago, I began to notice in the church, that there were more widows than widowers. It's not hard to make this astute observation, if you only look around a few minutes. Generally, through the ages, women have lived longer earthly lives than men due to war, hard physical work, etc. What I knew in the church is that we were to make sure the widows & orphans were taken care of by family & community of the church. They were cared for just like they would be should their husbands be alive & be in a position of caretaking.
It sounds weird, but I envisioned myself being a widow, at times, & Mike would teach me all through the years how to fix something like a leaking sink, change oil in the car or even change a tire! He's always said, "Now, if something happens to me, you need to know how to fix this. (Or,at least know who to call to get it done.) LOL!
Honestly, he went ahead & did the repair, but taught me along the way what to look for to oversee a job so as not to be taken advantage of. I've been so appreciative of his patience & teaching because it built my confidence in a lot of areas.
I also closely watched my friends at church who had just been widowed at an early age (in my thinking) and learned so much from them.
I have learned of their increased confidence in the Lord and their wilingness to travel the world ,to Sri Lanka, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, etc, etc spreading the love of Jesus even when others would discourage them with, "What if something happens to you while you"re away?"
I've seen these ladies create community within themselves, too, with arms wide open for including any more women in their same position. These ladies pray like crazy, too! They pray for others & write notes of encouragement. These widow ladies bake, quilt & share with people across the world & I'm so prooud to know such an incredible group at The Hills Church.
It looks to me like I'll not be joining this group in the years to come like I thought I would (it's still possible should God Almighty decide it so. But, for now He continuues my walk with no physical healing- yet!) But, I believe they're a group worth examining because of their close walk with Jesus through very difficult years, somtimes feeling alone, but pressing on.
If you're a widow at the The Hills, you're not alone & you're needed to teach & guide the newer widows. If you're a new widow, find a group of ladies who are living fulfilled lives in the Lord & serving Him with all their hearts.
Don't know why this particular subject has been on my mind, but it has, so I write. Widows in our church community are vital and I love the groups I know. Jesus knows all this already about all of us needing each other. The church fulfills these needs and draws more and more people to himself. Wow! Just another reason to be in community! Thank you, Jesus!